25 February 2011

Ibnu Khaldun and Moral Development

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang

Dear my friends,
i think it has been a long time since i'm not posted anything in this blog. This may be due to my weaknesses to arrange my time, and lacking of ideas on what should i share with you. For that, i apologize to you...

Somehow, i like to share something that related to education's field, the course that i'm taking now. We cannot deny that education plays an important roles in shaping and form our society. And thus, the roles of teachers ( murabbi) is very important. That is why in Al-Ghazali views on education, masters or teachers, have to be a role model to their students. and the most crucial and important part of it,that is our intention ( niah) for deliver and seeking the knowledge is only for the sake of Allah..

Actually, i would like to talk about Ibnu Khaldun's Theory regarding his concept of thinking's process. When we talk about moral development, it encompass 3 parts, that are cognitive development [ "the process og thought" to knowing ], emotional development [ associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition], and lastly, behavioral development [manner of acting and controlling yourself].

Nowadays, our syllabus is based on the western theory. For instance, Erik Erikson theory of moral development, Gilligan theory and Piaget Theory. i would like to share with you later about that theory because it not contradict with Muslim Philosophy but it is lacking in some parts. For example, our source of knowledge is through revelation [ from Allah through Al-Quran and Sunnah]. he said that, “Knowledge comes only from Allah, the Strong, the Wise.”unlike the Western that relying on their mental and intellectual ability only.


-Abdurrahman bin Muhammad bin Muhammad Bin Muhammad bin Al-Hassan bin Al Jabir bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Abdurrahman bin Ibnu Khaldun.

-Born in Tunis on Ramadhan 1, 732 [ may 27, 1332]

-Masters in various fields such as philosophy, history, sociology, economics and education.


On Ibnu Khaldun's views, human has three types of faculty of intelligence. There are discerning intelligence, experimental intelligence and speculative intelligence. what means by these three?

1. Discerning Intelligence is a ability to perceive, recognizes, or comprehend with the mind about some knowledge.

2. exprimental intelligence that gives the result of ‘a knowledge of what we must or must not do and of what is good or evil’.- know how to diffrentiate something

3. speculative intelligence, that is theoretical knowledge of everything that exists in the world,
which we conquer by our ‘speculative intelligence’. Only this last type of knowledge, the subject of the sciences such as medicine and etc, gives us the possibility of reaching perfection of soul.

Ibnu Khaldun perspectives on teaching methods.

1. teaching method should begin with the simple things and later should introduce more difficult and complex things.

2. Students will become lazy, telling lies and insincere if using harsh way to educate them.

3. Teaching children the Al-Quran and religious knowledge at the early age. the aim is to make Muslims firm believers in God through the study of Al-Quran and religious sciences.

Hence, Ibnu Khaldun believe that good education will produce a good society..wassalam

p/s: this is my first time posted in English version. Yeah, maybe lots of grammatical errors, but this is my alternative to masters in English language...sorry=)

[ his famous book, discussed about the concept of education]